ICM’s extensive line of heat pump defrost timers represents a progression of control technology from the simplest, non-integrated time and temperature defrost to more highly integrated functions such as integral anti-short cycle protection. Our controls offer form, fit and functional OEM replacement for some of the industry’s most popular heat pump models at a fraction of the cost. Choose from ICM’s extensive line of time-proven controls to best meet the needs of your 18-240 VAC application. All ICM defrost controls are quality made in the USA.

  • ICM350

    The ICM350 Defrost Board is a 3-in-1 replacement board for Carrier HK32EA001, HKEA003 and HK32EA008 boards. Special circuitry helps reduce noise disturbances when entering and exiting the defrost sequence on the 003 and 008 applications.
  • ICM550

    Simple to use replacement for popular defrost timers.