Furnace Control Control - replacement for OEM models including Goodman B18099-xx series control boards


    Line Voltage Range: 98 to 132 VAC @ 60Hz
    Ignitor: 5A @ 120 VAC
    Fan: 2 HP @ 240 VAC
    Inducer Motor: 7A @ 250 VAC
    Gas Valve: 1A @ 24 VAC


  • Weight: 0.55
  • Height: 1
  • Width: 5.75
  • Length: 4.75

  • Low cost form, fit and functional replacement board for Goodman, Janitrol, TI, White-Rodgers and UTEC
  • Microprocessor based design for precise timing
  • Functions with all 24 VAC thermostats
  • Diagnostic fault codes (blinking LED) for simple troubleshooting
  • Twining compatible with another ICM280
  • For 80+ and 90+ applications
  • 9-pin card slot connection and 9-pin Molex connector on board
  • UL recognized

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Posted by: Daniel from Cleveland, OH

I have a old GMP075-03 furnace with a B18099-06 controller board. I could not afford to pay a HVAC company $500.00 or more dollars to fix my furnace. The furnace was intermittently turning off. It took multiple attempts for the furnace to ignite. I replaced the flame sensor to no avail. I replaced the pressure switch to no avail. I tested and reset the flame rollout switches to no avail. The igniter finally failed and had to be replaced. I paid $38.00 for the pressure switch, $18.00 for the flame sensor, $60.00 for the igniter and $90.00 for the ICM280 furnace controller. I ended up spending $206.00 total to fix the furnace. The ICM280 furnace controller is a excellent replacement controller for my old Goodman Janitrol GMP075-03 furnace. It works great! Follow the instructions and you cannot go wrong. I labeled all of the wires on the old controller before I pulled them off. I cut the white jumper between pins 1 and 4 on the 9 pin connector. I wired up the 24 volt transformer connection as instructed. I connected the R, G and W thermostat wires as instructed. I turned on the gas and electricity and everything started working like new! Problem resolved!

What's great about it:
It works better than the original unit!
What's not so great:
There is nothing wrong with perfection.
Goodman: B18099-06, B18099-08, B18099-10, B18099-13, B18099-13S
UTEC: 1012-933D
Texas Instruments: 41F-5
White-Rodgers: 50T35-730, 50T35-743