Furnace Control Control - replacement for Rheem 62-24140-04 control boards


    Control Voltage: 24 VAC (18-30 VAC), 60Hz
    Line Voltage: 115 VAC, 60Hz
    - Pre-Purge: 30 seconds
    - Trial for Ignition: 7 seconds
    - Retries: Two groups of two, 30 second delay within the group, and 3 minute delay between groups
    - Lockout: 1-hour
    - Post-Purge: 90, 120, 160 and 180 seconds
    - Power: 24 VAC and COM
    - Thermostat Interface: R,W, Y, and G
    - System Switches: Vent pressure and limit switches (main and over-temperature switches in series)
    - Flame Sensing
    - Heat Blower OFF Delay (miniature slide switch set)
    - Spark
    - Gas Valve: GV
    - Inducer Draft Motor: IDM
    - Blower Motor: FAN, COOL and HEAT speeds
    - Electric air Cleaner: EAC
    - Humidifier Relay: HUM
    - Heat/Cool Relay: H/C
    LED Indicators:
    - Power, Green LED: PWR
    - Status, Green LED: OK
    - Flame Status, Yellow LED: FLAME
    - #6,222,719: Ignition Boost
    - #5,917,691: Fail Safe Relay Driver


  • Weight: 0.6
  • Height: 2.5
  • Width: 6.625
  • Length: 5.75

  • Low cost form, fit and functional replacement for Rheem: 62-24140-04
  • Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) control
  • Microprocessor-based
  • Controls inducer motors, air cleaner (if equipped), humidifier (if equipped), spark ignitor, and the gas valve
  • Monitors timing, trial for ignition, system switches, flame sensing, and lockout
  • 100-percent lockout safety feature
  • Compatible with LP or Natural gas
  • LED indication for status and fault codes to aid in troubleshooting

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Rheem: 62-24140-04