ICM282A Furnace Control - with software for enhanced controls operation in counterflow and downflow furnace applications. Replacement for OEM models including Carrier HK42FZ0-xx series control boards.


    Line Voltage Range: 98 to 132 VAC @ 60Hz
    Ignitor: 5A @ 120 VAC
    Cool Blower: 30A, 2 HP, 240 VAC
    Heat: 5A, 1/2 HP, 240 VAC
    Inducer Motor: 4A, FLA-8.0 LRA @ 120 VAC
    Gas Valve: 1.5A @ 30 VAC


  • Weight: 0.55
  • Height: 1.5
  • Width: 8
  • Length: 5

  • Low cost replacement for Carrier HK42FZ004/007/008/009/011/013/016
  • Controls gas valve, ignitor, blower motor, inducer, humidifier and air cleaner
  • Microprocessor-based precision
  • Software for enhanced controls operation in counterflow and downflow furnace applications
  • Designed for 100% gas shutoff in case of ignition failure
  • Twinning compatible with another ICM282A board
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Secondary brownout voltage protection
  • Compatible with 24 VAC standard thermostat
  • Diagnostic fault codes/LED to aid in troubleshooting

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Carrier: HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011, HK42FZ013, HK42FZ016, 325878-751