SimpleComfort® PRO non-programmable thermostat with backlit display for three-stage heat/two-stage cool or two-stage HP, auto changeover, hardwired, w/dual fuel compatibility


    Electrical Rating:
    - 24 VAC (18-30 VAC)
    - 1 amp maximum per terminal
    - 4 amp maximum total load
    Temperature Control Ranges: 45°F to 90°F (7°C to 32°C)
    Accuracy: ± 1°F (± 0.5°C)
    Terminations: R, C, W1/O/B, Y1, W2, Y2, G, W3, S1, S2


  • Weight: 0.35
  • Height: 1.12
  • Width: 5.5
  • Length: 3.75

  • Non-Programmable
  • Three-stage heat/Two-stage cool
  • Two-stage heat pump
  • Hardwired
  • New ICM patented Thermal Intrusion Barrier
  • New ICM patent-pending SimpleSet™ Target Programming technology (Configuration mode only)
  • Large display with backlight
  • Dual fuel compatible
  • Permanent memory
  • Accuracy: ± 1°F, +/- 0.5°C
  • Manual or auto changeover
  • Field adjustable calibration
  • Adjustable maximum heat/minimum cool setpoints
  • Adjustable temperature differential
  • Configurable remote sensor compatible
  • Keypad lockout
  • Soft-touch controls
  • Status LEDs

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Honeywell: TH5320U1001
Robertshaw: 300-202