Green Initiatives

ICM Controls has long maintained a strong environmental vigilance when it comes to its products and processes. Below are just a few of the eco-friendly initiatives that exemplify ICM Controls’ commitment toward minimizing not only our own environmental footprint, but also those of our customers.

New manufacturing facility completed in 2007


In 2010, ICM Controls received a High Performance Building Plaque from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the energy efficient measures incorporated into its new manufacturing facility.

ICM Controls earned a Silver Medal in the 2007 Design and Installation Awards from the American Concrete Institute’ s (ACI) Central New York Chapter for its innovative use of construction materials in building its new 84,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Syracuse, NY.

Technology Used:

IInsulated concrete forms (ICFs) provide an R-value for the building that exceeds R-20.

Placement and use of energy efficient windows and lighting minimizes energy consumption.

Advanced filtration processes allow ICM Controls to recycle more than 96% of the 25,000 gallons of water needed daily to operate its printed circuit board fabrication shop


According to NYSERDA, the technologies incorporated into the ICM Controls building will help cut its energy costs by $92,000 annually.

Product Innovations

ICM Controls is on the cutting edge of the Smart Energy revolution. We are members of the ZigBee™ Alliance and are aggressively working toward developing controls that will help empower users/families with real-time data and metrics for making educated decisions regarding energy usage in their homes.

Our multi-award winning CC750 Comfort Control Center allows for greater efficiencies of a home owner’ s existing single-phase A/C or heat pump system by safely making it work similar to today’ s highly efficient (but costlier) variable speed motors. By safely slowing down the system’ s fan motor speed, more moisture can be wrung out of the indoor air during a typical A/C cycle, thereby creating drier and cooler conditions. This, in turn, allows the homeowner to raise the set point temperature on their thermostat to achieve the same perceived level of comfort. According to the DOE, the typical homeowner can save 1-3% on their cooling bill for each degree they raise their thermostat set point.

Product Upgrades

As a global supplier of electronic controls to the HVACR industry, ICM Controls not only must conform to national environmental standards, but must also be cognizant of trends and standards throughout the international community. To this end, our company has started changing over many of the processes and materials that are used to manufacture our products so they adhere to strict, international environmental regulations such as the European RoHS standard, which includes a provision that calls for all products – including printed circuit boards that use solder (typically lead based) – to be lead free.