Our Team At ICM

Joseph Bonacci

Chairman and CEO

Joseph R. Bonacci is serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors and is also the Chief Executive Officer of ICM Controls. Mr. Bonacci was appointed as Chairman in September 2019 and CEO in June 2020.

Prior to his appointment as CEO and Chairman for ICM, Mr. Bonacci served as acting President and founder of Highfield Enterprises, an international customer service organization headquartered in Syracuse, NY.

Previously Mr. Bonacci held several positions in the pharmaceutical industry at Schering-Plough Merck, overseeing multiple operational areas including international finance and audit, microchip business unit general management, national distribution management, category management, and health information general management.

Mr. Bonacci earned his MBA in 1994 from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management.

Zach Kadah

Vice President

Zachary H Kadah is Vice President of ICM Controls. He has been with ICM since 2009, having held positions in nearly every aspect of the organization from Manufacturing Engineering, Project Management, Sales Management, and Strategic Direction. In recent years, Mr. Kadah has also worked internationally and consulted on various startup companies. Mr. Kadah holds degrees from Le Moyne College and The Berlin School of Economics and Law (Berlin School of Economics).

Tony Pan

VP of Strategy, Product Development, and Engineering

Since joining ICM in 1994, Mr. Pan has been involved in product design, engineering management, and strategic planning. Mr. Pan has a BS in Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering but found his passion in software writing. He believes ICM can develop a product that will change the world, and works hard to make that happen. When not working, Mr. Pan dreams of traveling the world with his family.

Bruce Hahn

Director of Operations & Strategic Sourcing

Bruce L. Hahn joined ICM Controls in October 2020, as the Director of Operations & Strategic Sourcing. Prior to joining ICM Controls, Hahn served as Director of Manufacturing at Perspective Robotics US, LLC (Fotokite). Previously, Mr. Hahn held positions as Procurement Director at Anaren Microwave, Inc. and Global Supply Chain Manager at Hand Held Products focused on worldwide high-tech electronic sourcing and supply chain management. Mr. Hahn earned his Master’s in Electrical Engineering in 1998 from Cornell University.

Patrick Nugent


Patrick Nugent is the Chief Financial Officer of ICM Controls. Prior to his position at ICM, Patrick was a Group Controller with TransDigm Group in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Previously, he has held positions of increasing responsibility in the industrial equipment industry with ITT Inc and Eaton, including international operations, strategy, acquisitions, and integrations.

Patrick holds a BS in Business Management from SUNY Geneseo and an MBA from Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management.

Keith Clark

National Sales Manager: HVAC

Michael St.Joseph

OEM Sales Manager, Pools & Spa and RV

Roy Cramer

OEM Sales Manager, HVAC-R

Cortney Wesneski

National Sales Manager, Electrical Market

Jesse Clayton

Marketing & Customer Service Manager

Casey Prietti

Director Of Manufacturing, Procurement

Eric Wood

Electrical Engineering Manager, Circuit Engineering

Charles Stahl

Chief Informational Officier, I.T.