2nd Shift Machine Operators


Referring to and following manufacturing process instructions (MPIs), shop packs and posted visual aids:

  • Sets up and operates multiple computer controlled production equipment designed to populate printed circuit boards. Selects components and loads automated components’ feeders to proper locations.  Operates from staged material but where necessary, is responsible for identifying and retrieving all materials (boards and components) required to run production.
  • Ensures the quality of all production run. Performs first article of inspection (FPI) prior to commencing full production and visually inspects 100% of all boards as they are off loaded and stacked in rack.
  • Reports all production through the company information system.
  • Sets up and operates paste machine (DEK) aligning and applying required stencil to guide automated soldering performed by machine.
  • Using basic hand tools, effects minor mechanical repairs and equipment maintenance; hand solder boards where doing so restores to quality production.
  • Completes required documentation for any scrapped production.
  • Dismantle and return production materials to designated areas at end of shift.

Essential Competencies

Attention to Detail:  Recognize, compare and follow alpha-numeric designations and information, identify inconsistencies, note missing or out of sequence information, erroneous and/or conflicting information in instruction, on part numbers, programs, product codes; accurately differentiate between images.

Multi- tasking:  Set up and operate, inspect, record, report, minor repair/maintenance – across multiple machines.

Adaptability/Flexibility:  Maintains composure and focus and ably responds to changing priorities or schedules, unexpected/unanticipated work interruptions , remains “calm under fire”;  positively receives corrective counseling and/or training requiring change in work processes  and approach; able to operate different pieces of machinery (different in age, operating technique, computer controlled features) .

Communication: Reads, speaks, comprehends and writes English sufficient to follow instructions and/or complete reports, successfully complete and reliably apply required training; expresses concerns appropriately and ideas clearly; communicates information at appropriate time to appropriate people enabling operations to run smoothly and productively.

Organization:  Effectively uses time and resources and follows procedures to complete tasks; keeps documents required for work in orderly manner; takes care to maintain reference documents and files in orderly manner.

Problem Analysis/Problem Solving Deals effectively with problems involving concrete variables in standardized situations; initiates appropriate actions to resolve problems; resourceful to seek input from and work effectively with others as needed to resolve problems.

Self –Direction Industrious and remains productive in absence of supervision; able to work with limited instruction maintaining  focus to reliably achieve objectives while conducting simultaneous and varying duties ;employs appropriate level of planning supporting multi-task activities, recognizing and taking into account those things which could negatively impact productivity.

Service Orientation:

Team Orientation:

Safety Awareness:  Recognizes and takes action to remove and/or avoid creation of hazards.


  • Close attention to alpha-numeric designation; reading legends
  • Close attention to machine performance supporting productivity
  • Reliably interpreting, applying and complying with written instructions, training and procedures.
  • Quality of FAI work
  • Self-starting, industriousness

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