Electrical Technician
  • Answers inquiries about design, selection, installation and operation in both verbal and written format, regarding HVACR products and systems, produced and supported by company.
  • Provides timely and correct solutions to inquiries requiring analysis of product failures and repair procedures.
  • Analyses, repairs and performs life cycle tests on products produced by company.
  • Works closely with other members of the Engineering staff to stay contemporary regarding product line and industry.
  • Support sales staff with technical documentation, technical analysis of sales product comparison, sales leads, and technical proofing/updating of marketing literature including the sales catalogs, power point presentations, website tutorials, product packaging etc.
  • Provide technical support for ICM sister companies, partnered companies and some original equipment manufacturers.
  • Provide Marketing support by updating wholesale distributor websites & data bases for correct cross reference information and provide technical support to customer service.
  • Train ICM staff, new employees & sales staff or distributors via Webinar courses, PowerPoint presentations or ICM onsite training at our facility.
  • Provide engineering support by building and testing engineering samples of new product design to increase sample turnaround time or provide samples to safety agencies.
  • Maintain engineering supplies for both discrete and surface mount components.
  • Proficient with blue tooth, Wi-Fi, & NFC enabled products for support of ICM products which are enabled with such technology.

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