Supplier Quality Engineer


  1. Assist Sourcing with new supplier/OEM approval and integration.
  2. Analyze non conforming material data and request supplier corrective actions based on trends and impacts.
  3. Review and approve/reject supplier corrective actions as needed.
  4. Work with suppliers to implement the appropriate corrective actions, process improvements and fixes for increased incoming quality of materials.
  5. Assist quality team with any customer responses related to supplied part/assembly non conformances or needed process improvements.
  6. Assist with internal audits per ISO9001 and ISO14001 as needed.
  7. Create or improve quality practices with respect to the overall supply chain, sourcing and purchasing operations.
  8. Provide feedback in regards to quality performance and on time delivery to suppliers via SCAR, email, phone, or QBR.
  9. Report on supplier quality data and improvements to the Sourcing team and Quality manager on a regular basis.
  10. Audit suppliers/OEMs as needed


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