2nd Shift PPE Technician

No. of vacancy : 1
Closing Date :
Job Description:

Purpose:  Develop and build testers and conduct a variety of electronic, mechanical and electromechanical tests on test equipment to ensure the unit is built and functions according to specifications.


  • Develop and built test fixtures from schematics or wiring diagrams.
  • Maintain test equipment at proper inspection intervals.
  • Write or modify test procedures as necessary.
  • Confer with engineers, technicians, production personnel and others regarding testing procedures and results to resolve problems.
  • Repair or modify test fixtures according to specifications.
  • Connect unit to be tested to test equipment such as signal generator, frequency meter or oscilloscope.
  • Provide technical assistance to production personnel.
Skills Required:


  • Understand basic principles of electronics including voltage, current, resistance, power and their relationship to each other.
  • Understanding of basic electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, relays, switches, etc. and their working principle.
  • Ability to design and build simple schematics using the above components to solve a given problem.
  • Ability to read tester schematic and build or modify testers with minimum supervision.
  • Document tester design in written and schematic formats.
  • Ability to perform mathematical operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, decimals, and integers.
    • Thorough understanding of metric prefixes such as kilo, mega, giga and the ability to convert between them.
  • Familiarity using multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator, etc.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to understand the operational principles of various controls ICM manufactures such as thermostats, furnace control boards, timers etc.
  • Capacity to design simple testers (i.e. thermostat and furnace board testers) and other tester related circuitry (voltage dividers, rectifiers, relay boards, etc.) with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to write test scripts using ICM’s proprietary software.
  • High mechanical and electrical aptitude.
  • Willingness and eagerness to learn and perform.
  • Data driven and possessing of a scientific mindset.
  • Possesses motor skills- aptitude for using various basic shop tools;
  • Possesses verbal intelligence – understand the meaning of words and respond effectively;
  • Computer skills and literacy sufficient to access, correct, input and search data and information and prepare reports;
  • Numerical intelligence: read and interpret instruments and test equipment; skillful to recognize, read and work reliably with sequential alpha-numeric designations as contained in, work orders, prints, product codes, lot numbers;
  • Spatial relationship aptitude; able to read mechanical prints and schematics; ability to use soldering, hand, measuring and power tools, HI-POT testers, frequency counters, oscilloscopes, multimeters, thermometers, curve tracers, LCR bridges/meters and variacs.
posted on: 8 Sep 2023

Maintenance Technician: 2nd Shift

No. of vacancy : 1
Closing Date :
Job Description:

Contributes to high plant productivity and safety through reliable problem solving of production machinery and adherence to scheduled maintenance of plant facilities and machinery.

Skills Required:

Education:   High school graduate or equivalent required; 2 year technical/ trade school a plus.

Experience:  If high school graduate or equivalent – require 4+ years experience; if HS plus 2 year technical/trade school – require 2+ years experience.  Experience as follows:

repair, maintenance, preventative maintenance  and troubleshooting of manufacturing equipment preferably from the electronic components or PCB industry – variable speed drives, motors and servos, machine controls ; experience working with  hydraulics, pneumatics, vacuum, mechanics and with basic electrical repair (up to 480 v); prior experience in equipment repair of Universal Instruments Placement Machines a plus; preference for expertise and proficiency with basic office computer software; experience with predictive maintenance software programs  a plus; basic HVAC

  • Judgment used in planning work, establishing priorities
  • Quality of repairs effected
  • Efficient use of time and resources to effect repairs
  • Progressive application of experience and training to support expanding scope of work
  • Safety
  • Equipment up-time
  • Diagnosing and problem solving
  • Loss prevention – process, equipment, product
  • Accuracy, thoroughness and timely completion of all documentation and reports
posted on: 24 Jul 2023

Electrical Technician

No. of vacancy : 1
Closing Date :
Job Description:

Acts as product expert and first line contact/support for end users and distributors for HVACR products and systems by troubleshooting, reworking and testing of in-house product, product analysis, repair and life cycle testing.

Skills Required:

Associates degree (A.A.) from two-year college or technical school or equivalent combination of education and experience

Experience:  Previous experience/exposure to a manufacturing environment engaged in the production of consumer or commercial electronics highly desired.

posted on: 24 Jul 2023

Sales Engineer

No. of vacancy : 1
Closing Date :
Job Description:

To promote the development and sale of company products by collaborating with both ICM customers and Engineers to understand customer requirements and provide sales support.

Skills Required:
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Excellent computer and analytical skills with a focused ability of problem solving
  • The ability to lead cross-functional teams
  • Strong ability to plan and achieve sales growth goals set forth by the Executive Team.Education: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, STEM field, Business Administration or similar

    Experience: Minimum of five years of experience in Engineering, Customer Service, and/or Sales in HVAC areas.

posted on: 24 Jul 2023

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