The Seller warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of manufacture. The liability of the Seller is limited, at its option, to repair, replace or issue a non-case credit for the purchase prices of the goods which are provided to be defective. The warranty and remedies set forth herein do not apply to any goods or parts thereof which have been subjected to misuse including any use or application in violation of the Seller’s instructions, neglect, tampering, improper storage, incorrect installation or servicing not performed by the Seller. In order to permit the Seller to properly administer the warranty, the Buyer shall: 1) Notify the Seller promptly of any claim, submitting date code information or any other pertinent data as requested by the Seller. 2) Permit the Seller to inspect and test the product claimed to be defective. Items claimed to be defective and are determined by Seller to be non-defective are subject to a $30.00 per hour inspection fee. This warranty constitutes the Seller’s sole liability hereunder and is in lieu of any other warranty expressed, implied or statutory. Unless otherwise stated in writing, Seller makes no warranty that the goods depicted or described herein are fit for any particular purpose.