ICM launches comprehensive line-up of surge protective devices

Offering Multiple Configurations in Single and Three-Phase Protectors

November 8, 2021 – Syracuse, New York – Expanding on the success of its best-selling ICM517 Single Phase Surge Protector and its extensive Line Voltage Monitor offerings, ICM Controls recently launched a new, comprehensive lineup of Surge Protective Devices in multiple configurations, designed with the HVAC/R, Appliance, Electrical, and Pool & Spa markets in mind.


Proudly made in America, the expanded lineup includes an additional single-phase option (ICM518) along with four different configurations of a three-phase SPD’s (ICM530, ICM531, ICM532, and ICM533). Both the ICM518 and the ICM530 series can be installed as a Type 1 or Type 2 and come in a NEMA Type 4X watertight plastic enclosure for both outdoor and indoor installation.


The ICM518 is a UL-Listed Type 1 & 2 surge protective device for 240 VAC Split Phase configuration. When a surge occurs, the ICM518 will absorb the surge up to the limits expressed in the specifications section of the guide. The ICM518 incorporates thermal protection on the surge elements (TMOVs), which allows for safe disabling of the surge protector when a surge exceeds the thermal limits of the device. A status light on the ICM518 identifies proper operational status when illuminated.


THE ICM530s are a series of Type 1 and Type 2 three-phase surge protective devices for three-phase Delta, three-phase Wye, or Delta High-leg configurations. When a surge occurs, the ICM three-phase surge protective device will absorb the surge up to the specified limitations of the device. ICM incorporates superior thermally protected metal oxide varistor technology into the three-phase surge suppressors, which allows for safe disabling of the surge elements when a surge exceeds the thermal limits of the device. There is a single status light on the controls which identifies operational status when illuminated.


“ICM continues to position itself as a leader in equipment protection. We recognize the flexibility our customers need and have created multiple configurations to meet this demand across a number of market applications,” said ICM Vice President Zachary Kadah. “Because ICM is so vertically integrated, we’re able to keep costs low, product performance high, and pass along added value to our customers.”


ICM’s entire catalog of surge protectors is available for immediate purchase:


Three- Phase SPDs
ICM530 240VAC (Delta) or 120/208VAC (Wye), NEMA Type 4X
ICM531 480VAC (Delta) or 277/480VAC (Wye), NEMA Type 4X
ICM532 600VAC (Delta) or 347/600VAC (Wye), NEMA Type 4X
ICM533 120/240 VAC (Delta High-Leg), NEMA Type 4X
Single-Phase / Split Phase SPDs
ICM517 120/240 VAC, NEMA 3R
ICM518 240 VAC, NEMA Type 4X






About ICM Controls


ICM Controls is a leading, ISO Certified manufacturer of electronic controls for the HVAC-R market and other industrial applications. Backed by over 35 years of design, engineering, and custom manufacturing expertise, ICM supports its network of suppliers, OEM and aftermarket distributors, and customers. Through its commitment to customer experience and vertical integration, ICM creates true partnerships. ICM is headquartered in Syracuse, NY.

Installation of the ICM493 single-phase line voltage monitor


The ICM493 is an advanced, single-phase line voltage monitor with a bank of surge arresters for added protection against lightning strikes. Includes a built-in 40A contactor. Housed in a NEMA Rated 3R enclosure for outdoor installations. UL Recognized. Installs easily between the service disconnect and the condensing unit. Ideal for Mini-Splits or other valuable, single-phase equipment.

  • Protects against over and under voltage, rapid short cycling caused by transients, and high-power surges
  • Ideal for inverters, mini-splits, and other condensing units
  • Easy to view, backlit digital display
  • Bank of five L-L Surge Arresters
  • Built-in 40A Contactor
  • Waterproof, NEMA–rated 3R enclosure for outdoor use
  • Easy installation and setup


Learn more about the 40A model here

Learn more about the 60A model here

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ICM Controls Reports Record Sales Growth During FY2021

ICM Controls Reports Record Sales Growth, Improved Delivery Metrics, and Capital Improvements During FY2021


ICM Controls President & Chief Executive Officer Joseph Bonacci recently disclosed positive fiscal year 2021 performance results for the Syracuse, New York-based electronic controls designer and manufacturer. Highlights include a 30% growth in ICM’s annual sales and increased on-time delivery by 20%. Bonacci also noted the company’s substantial investment in millions of dollars of capital equipment, including automation machinery, and the addition of two new facilities—a 14,000 ft2 manufacturing facility and a 4,000 ft2 warehouse facility—all part of ICM’s continued commitment to vertical integration, speed to market, and providing high-quality, American-made products.

As a provider of parts for equipment used on the front lines to stop the spread of coronavirus, ICM Controls was granted an exemption from New York State’s 100% workforce reduction mandate and was able to remain operational throughout the pandemic. A change in last year’s sales strategy also bolstered growth as ICM expanded beyond its leading position in the HVAC industry and began aggressively targeting five new vertical markets: Appliance, RV, Marine, Pool & Spa, and Electrical.

In a year when businesses across multiple sectors are reporting decreased sales and reduced profits due to COVID, Bonacci credits the company’s performance to ICM’s ability to pivot on the fly. “2021 wasn’t a normal year for anyone in business. ICM is certainly no exception,” shared Bonacci. “However, a lot of businesses would be thrilled just to break even, but ICM was able to grow our market share and expand our market presence in a way that allows us to maintain the quality and value of our product portfolio and the satisfaction of our customers as priorities. I’m incredibly proud of every member of the ICM team. This kind of success would be commendable any year, but during a global pandemic, it’s really exceptional.”

ICM Vice President Zachary Kadah echoed this, saying, “ICM is known as an American manufacturer that delivers speed to market without jeopardizing quality. The ICM Team showed up every day through a pandemic to demonstrate our abilities last year and continues to do so now. We are proud to prove there is success making it in America.”

ICM designs and manufactures all of its products at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Central New York, where it essentially combines three factories under one roof – captive printed circuit board fabrication, fully-automated electronic assembly, and captive injection molding, making ICM Controls one of the most vertically integrated facilities in the country. In light of pandemic-related shipping delays and import restrictions, ICM’s vertical integration and US-based manufacturing were competitive advantages.

About ICM Controls

ICM Controls is a leading, ISO Certified manufacturer of electronic controls for the HVAC-R market and other industrial applications. For more information, visit. ICMControls.com

ICM Controls Expands Into 5 New Vertical Markets


ICM Controls, a leading ISO Certified U.S.-based manufacturer of electronic controls, announced a major shift in its sales strategy to expand beyond its leading position in the HVAC industry and begin aggressively targeting five new vertical markets: Appliance, RV, Marine, Pool & Spa, and Electrical.

In support of its new growth initiative, the company also announced the addition of Roy Cramer, Thomas Victorin, and Michael St. Joseph to its sales team, as well as the promotion of Anish Donald to Global Project Manager. Cramer will serve as the National OEM Sales Manager for the HVAC and Appliance industries, and Victorin will serve as the National Sales Manager for both the OEM and Aftermarket for the RV, Marine and Pool & Spa industries. St. Joseph is the company’s new Eastern Regional Sales Manager in support of all divisions. They join a seasoned sales team that includes Mike Tracy, National Sales Manager for the HVAC and Appliance aftermarket, and Everett Mastrich, Western Regional Manager. Tracy is also the company’s acting Central Regional Manager.

“ICM is long-known for the quality of its product and the knowledge of its expert employees,” said ICM Controls President Joe Bonacci. “This expanded team ensures we have the leadership and sector knowledge to hit the ground running in these new markets as well.”

Roy Cramer joins ICM Controls from Probes Unlimited, where he spent more than a decade as their lead Sales Engineer calling on OEM accounts in the HVAC and Appliance industries. Thomas Victorin comes from Dometic Group, where he held the position as Chief Electrical Engineer for the past 6+ years. Michael St. Joseph previously worked for Carel USA for nearly 10 years, serving as Managing Director during his last five years with the company. Anish Donald has been with ICM Controls for almost three years as a Systems Engineer before his promotion to Global Project Manager.

“We already manufacture controls for several prominent OEM customers in each of these markets,” said Zach Kadah, Vice President for ICM Controls. “Additionally, a lot of our branded aftermarket controls that we sell to the HVAC industry cross over to these other markets already. With a concerted effort from our Sales & Marketing teams, our goal is to quickly capture market share and become a major presence across all industries.”


ICM Controls is headquartered in North Syracuse, NY. For more information on ICM Control’s complete range of American-made products, plus wiring diagrams, troubleshooting tips, and more, please visit ICMControls.com.



ICM Controls Launches 3 New Replacement Furnace Control Boards

ICM Controls, a leading ISO-certified, American-made manufacturer of electronic controls, announces the launch of three new replacement furnace control boards. The ICM2811ICM2812, and ICM2813 control boards are ETL-listed and affordable, high-quality OEM replacements for popular Goodman Mfg., White-Rodgers, and Lennox models.

The ICM2811 is a form, fit, and functional replacement for the Goodman PCBBF110/S, PCBBF123/S, 0130F00005/S, PCBBF112/S, B18099-26/S and compatible boards. The ICM2812 is a low-cost, board-only replacement for the White-Rodgers 50M56U-843 universal replacement board. Installers who prefer to order the control board complete with an assortment of cable harnesses can also order the ICM2812-KIT, making it a replacement for more than 150 additional OEM boards.

“In marketing the ICM2812, we wanted to give the contractor the flexibility to buy and stock up on just the replacement board or the entire kit,” said Kevin Jobsky, Senior Marketing Manager for ICM Controls. “White-Rodgers has done a sound job in building up an install base for its universal board, but contractors shouldn’t be forced to spend a lot of extra money on extraneous parts packaged into the OEM kit that is just going to end up in a landfill. ICM2812 allows contractors to buy exactly what they need.”

The ICM2813 is a form, fit, and functional replacement to the Lennox SureLight™ board, including part numbers 10M9301, 12L6901, 56L8401, 68M0801, 83M00, and compatible models.

“With the ICM2811, ICM2812, and ICM2813, ICM has three winners that should be very popular with wholesalers and contractors across the country,” said Jobsky.

ICM Controls has been manufacturing quality replacement controls for more than 36 years. Its vertically integrated manufacturing facility located in Central New York features a state-of-the-art printed circuit board shop, auto- and hand-assembly areas, plastic injection molding operations, design, and engineering services, as well as a renowned tech service department and call center for field support.


ICM Controls is headquartered in North Syracuse, NY. For more information on ICM Control’s complete range of American-made products, plus wiring diagrams, troubleshooting tips, and more, please visit ICMControls.com.