ICM launches comprehensive line-up of surge protective devices

Offering Multiple Configurations in Single and Three-Phase Protectors

November 8, 2021 – Syracuse, New York – Expanding on the success of its best-selling ICM517 Single Phase Surge Protector and its extensive Line Voltage Monitor offerings, ICM Controls recently launched a new, comprehensive lineup of Surge Protective Devices in multiple configurations, designed with the HVAC/R, Appliance, Electrical, and Pool & Spa markets in mind.


Proudly made in America, the expanded lineup includes an additional single-phase option (ICM518) along with four different configurations of a three-phase SPD’s (ICM530, ICM531, ICM532, and ICM533). Both the ICM518 and the ICM530 series can be installed as a Type 1 or Type 2 and come in a NEMA Type 4X watertight plastic enclosure for both outdoor and indoor installation.


The ICM518 is a UL-Listed Type 1 & 2 surge protective device for 240 VAC Split Phase configuration. When a surge occurs, the ICM518 will absorb the surge up to the limits expressed in the specifications section of the guide. The ICM518 incorporates thermal protection on the surge elements (TMOVs), which allows for safe disabling of the surge protector when a surge exceeds the thermal limits of the device. A status light on the ICM518 identifies proper operational status when illuminated.


THE ICM530s are a series of Type 1 and Type 2 three-phase surge protective devices for three-phase Delta, three-phase Wye, or Delta High-leg configurations. When a surge occurs, the ICM three-phase surge protective device will absorb the surge up to the specified limitations of the device. ICM incorporates superior thermally protected metal oxide varistor technology into the three-phase surge suppressors, which allows for safe disabling of the surge elements when a surge exceeds the thermal limits of the device. There is a single status light on the controls which identifies operational status when illuminated.


“ICM continues to position itself as a leader in equipment protection. We recognize the flexibility our customers need and have created multiple configurations to meet this demand across a number of market applications,” said ICM Vice President Zachary Kadah. “Because ICM is so vertically integrated, we’re able to keep costs low, product performance high, and pass along added value to our customers.”


ICM’s entire catalog of surge protectors is available for immediate purchase:


Three- Phase SPDs
ICM530 240VAC (Delta) or 120/208VAC (Wye), NEMA Type 4X
ICM531 480VAC (Delta) or 277/480VAC (Wye), NEMA Type 4X
ICM532 600VAC (Delta) or 347/600VAC (Wye), NEMA Type 4X
ICM533 120/240 VAC (Delta High-Leg), NEMA Type 4X
Single-Phase / Split Phase SPDs
ICM517 120/240 VAC, NEMA 3R
ICM518 240 VAC, NEMA Type 4X






About ICM Controls


ICM Controls is a leading, ISO Certified manufacturer of electronic controls for the HVAC-R market and other industrial applications. Backed by over 35 years of design, engineering, and custom manufacturing expertise, ICM supports its network of suppliers, OEM and aftermarket distributors, and customers. Through its commitment to customer experience and vertical integration, ICM creates true partnerships. ICM is headquartered in Syracuse, NY.