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Press Release May 4th, 2023

As a leading US-based ISO-certified manufacturer of control boards found in many HVAC-R appliances, ICM Controls is committed to upholding regulations for the safe use of all appliances. ICM Controls announces that we have teamed with Sensience (formerly known as “Therm-O-Disc”), an industry leader specializing in leak detection sensors, to ensure the safe usage of HVAC-R appliances.


The recently signed American Innovation & Manufacturing (AIM) Act directs the Environmental Protection Agency to implement an 85 percent phasedown of the production and consumption of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), currently the most widely used refrigerant across the globe, by 2035 because of its Global Warming Potential (GWP). AIM has forced HVAC-R appliance manufacturers to develop and migrate to new low-GWP refrigerants.


To replace HFCs, the industry has turned to next-generation refrigerants like ammonia and hydrocarbons like butane, which evaporate at room temperature. But unlike HFCs, these new refrigerants are flammable and more reactive, require compressors and plumbing to be more corrosion-resistant, and must be leak-proof to be safe. 


In response to the widespread transition to flammable refrigerants, new safety regulations are being required for manufacturers of HVAC-R appliances to detect flammable refrigerant leaks and other mitigation measures to ensure safe operation in equipment and buildings.


Sensience is a global manufacturer of highly engineered sensing, control, and sealing components that ensure safety and enhance performance. The company creates mission-critical protection and valuable data for a wide range of systems, including appliances, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration units, industrial process equipment, motor vehicles, aircraft, and other important platforms.


This partnership offers OEMs an efficient and reliable resource for a solution in their development of Refrigerant Leak Detection Systems. ICM’s Mitigation Board will consistently check for communication with the A2L Gas Sensor for any fault or leaking refrigerant. When a leak is detected, the mitigation board will execute mitigation actions to reduce the leak. It can also be integrated with a system controller to transmit data via modbus communication protocol. In addition to this standard offering, ICM Controls can customize the mitigation board to meet any OEM’s specific requirements.


From Tony Pan, ICM’s Vice President of Strategy & Product Development, “The ICM Sensience partnership is a dream team in the industry. By combining our strengths in sensing and controls, we will be able to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of expertise and service.”