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32A Soft Starter {Coming Soon} The ICM870 Soft Start is intended for residential, commercial, RV & marine applications. The ICM870 integrates compressor or motor in-rush current over startup time, thus reducing peak current demand on a power supply source by up to 70%. Effectively reducing power draw to the A/C, the ICM870 utilizes a built-in […]


ECA500-11 Series

Total Motor Protection Relay Protect your most valuable investments! The ECA500-11 is a series of micro-controlled 3-phase total motor protection current, voltage & power monitoring relays. They’re designed to protect electrical loads and motors from failure and damage due to common current and voltage faults. The ECA500-11’s constantly supervise current and voltage values and when […]


ECA100-11 Series

Motor Protection Relays Protect your most valuable investments! ECA100-11 is a series of microcontrolled 3-phase motor protection current, voltage monitoring relays. Designed to protect electrical motors from failure and damage due to common current and voltage faults. The ECA100-11’s constantly supervise current and line voltage values and when harmful condition occurs, the output is deactivated […]



Disconnect with Internal Surge Protection The ICM495 is a UL Listed Electrical Disconnect with an Internal Surge Protective Device built-in. The ICM495 is available in two models 30A Fused and 60A Non Fused. The included field replaceable Surge Protective Device is intended for 120VAC Single-Phase or 240VAC Split-Phase configurations. Designed to protect equipment from transient […]



Air conditioning and refrigeration systems are commonly necessary to operate during cold temperatures. Server rooms, grocery stores and event spaces to name a few. When exposed to low ambient conditions, ACs and Heat Pumps condensing head pressure drops. If the head pressure gets too low, the system will not have enough pressure to operate properly […]