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 12 VDC Direct Spark Ignition Control This ignition control circuit board works on all Suburban 12V furnaces and Suburban water heater model 520820.



Water Heater Direct Spark Ignition Control   With a heat call from the thermostat; the ICM6701 will begin a 15 second on delay, after the delay the gas valve and spark ignitor are energized and the control will check for the presence of flame. Once flame is detected the spark ignitor is turned off while […]



Demand Defrost Control   The control will begin the 3 minute time delay upon a Y call from the thermostat. After the time delay expires; the compressor contactor will be energized as long as the high and low pressure switches are closed. If either switch is open after the delay expires; the compressor will not […]



9A & 16A Soft Starts   The ICM870 Soft Start is intended for RV, marine, residential and commercial applications. The ICM870 integrates compressor or motor in-rush current over startup time, thus reducing peak current demand on a power supply source by up to 70%. The ICM870 will monitor system health including voltage, current, compressor startup […]



3-Phase Surge Protective Device   See all 530 Series Surge Protective Devices here: ICM530 (3-Phase Delta 240VAC or Wye 120/208VAC) ICM531. (3-Phase Delta 480VAC or Wye 277/480VAC) ICM532. (3-Phase Delta 600VAC or Wye 347/600VAC) ICM533. (3-Phase Delta High Leg 120/240VAC)   The ICM530 Series is 4 models of Type 1 and Type 2 3-phase surge […]